Sequelize.js 3.12.2 发布,Node.js 的 ORM

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Sequelize.js 3.12.2 发布,此版本现已提供下载:

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前几天发布了 Sequelize.js 3.12.0 和 3.12.1,更新内容如下:


[FIXED] Mark postgres connection as invalid if the connection is reset #4661

[FIXED] Remove usage of "limit" in cases where it's unnecessary, which fixes some of the cases mentioned in #4404

[SECURITY] Security concern with $model.field$ , refactored to now require $col: 'model.field'


[ADDED] Preliminary support for include.on .

[FIXED] Partial rollback of datatype validations by hiding it behind the typeValidation flag.

[FIXED] Don't try to select the primary key for models without primary key #4607

[FIXED] Apply attributes when including a scoped model. #4625

[FIXED] Use bits instead of strings for mssql booleans. #4621

[FIXED] BulkCreate validation fails for properties with field #3787

Sequelize.js 提供对MySQL,MariaDB,SQLite 和PostgreSQL 数据库的简单访问,通过映射数据库条目到对象,或者对象到数据库条目。简而言之,就是 ORM(Object-Relational-Mapper)。Sequelize.js 完全是使用 JavaScript 编写,适用于 Node.js 的环境。