Plunker is a community for Building & Sharing Web Projects

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It’s a free online community of developers sharing their latest projects with each-other. It’s actually meant to be an online IDE for building projects with teams, as well as sharing those projects with others. Plunker is completely free and really fun.

Here’s a brief list of features:

Real-time code collaboration Fully-featured, customizable syntax editor Live previewing of code changes As-you-type code linting Forking, commenting and sharing of Plunks Fully open-source on GitHub under the MIT license

The site works based on GitHub oauth so you create a new account based on your GitHub username. Once you sign in you’ll be given a dashboard with options for creating new projects or joining other public code sites.

In fact, you don’t even need an account to visit the live editor. Plunker is just loosey-goosey and totally open to roaming devs with extra time on their hands.

If you wanna read more visit the siteor follow their latest updates on Twitter @plnkrco.