How To Treat Disabled People如何对待残疾人

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        Have you been asked for money by some beggars who have disabilities while you’re

enjoying shopping? Do you have any pity for that kind of people or just feel afraid? For whatever reasons, the number of

disabled beggars bumming along the street is rapidly increased.Why there are so many disabled people begging in the street?

The reasons are so various that we don’t need to understand. But at least, we know that they do not lead an easy life. So we

should help them in some ways.The treatment for disabled people should go like this: First, accept them. Don’t be afraid of

looking at the terrible shape of the disabled. Try to treat them equally. Because they are a part of the society, we can’t

discard them. The second is to help them as much as we could. If you can be a volunteer and do some work for the disabled

people, that would be very nice. That does good not only to the disabled people but also to yourself. Because you will feel

good after your kind action.So give an air of warmth to disabled people, and the world would be much better.

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