A Review on A Tale of Two Cities关于一个双城记关于故事的两种

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        The tale is mainly about the revolution in France, though the author wrote quite

a lot about the love triangle between Lucie, Charles and Sydney. But I thought Dickens mainly wanted to tell us the society

problem and the background at that time.In this novel, Dickens wrote some lively images like Sydney and those crazy

revolutionaries. In this tale, we can’t see any absolute roles. Charles, though he was a brave and good man, obviously he

hasn’t as much ability as Sydney. Sydney, a typical tragic man in novels, a man like him, usually has great ability—if he

wants to do something, nobody can prevent him. But he usually has some weak points on characters and the most important thing

is that he always loves a woman he shouldn’t love and 99.99% die for her at last in an extremely heroic or tragic way. The

revolutionaries in the tale is not as full of justice and poor as usual. They got mad when they can get revenge for their

unfair treatment. The fire of hatred burnt everything. When they were at the bottom of the society, they were calling for

justice, for fair treatment, for freedom, but when they were in charge of the society, their world is up-side-down, so it

their judgment of the society. They hate everything that connected to the very people who were against them, even including

Charles’ wife, Dr Manette’s daughter. So these men are no difference than those former governors at heart. Though Dickens

told us how the authority is recycling over and over again in some way, the novel is about something good. Love from Sydney

to Lucie is one of the only few bright points in the novel and it’s really great. A man can sacrifice his life to save his

lover’s husband. He does not have any personal purpose and just for his lover’s happiness. So Dickens may imply us, only

love can solve the problems between people, between the poor and the rich, love is everything.        非法的故事,主要是在法国革命中,作者写道:相当