A Careless Person一个粗心的人

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     According to his mother,Roger is a careless person.He always forgets something else while he's doing something although he denies it.He insists that he's careful,but he's simply unlucky.So he gets into trouble everyday.

     Yesterday was an unlucky day,according to him.After a day's work,he felt tired and came to a park near his home to enjoy the quietness here.He bought a newspaper at the newsstand,and then seeing an empty bench across the path,he came up and wanted to read his newspaper there.He did look at the bench for a while to see whether it was clean.But he didn't notice the sign behind the bench which says"WET PAINT".He sat there reading the newspaper for a few minutes,then left for home feeling much satisfied that nothing unhappy had happened to him that day.People behind him were laughing at the painted stripes on his clothes.