An Unforgettable Evening一个难忘的夜晚(二)

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        One winter evening at the Beijing Railway Station I learned how to avoid being deceived.It was cold,windy evening when my girl friend and I arrived by train from my hometown.We didn't know whether buses would still be running at that late hour,so we waited outside the station for a long time.Hunger,chill and fatigue caught up with us.Just then a gentle and cultivated young man came up to us.He said he would like to do us a favour."Go to my home nearby and take a rest.It's comfortable."How could we believe a stranger's words?So we answered,"No,thank you!"However,he insisted,"I'm a kind man,just come with me."I couldn't picture what would happen if we followed him.I was shivering,but firmly I retorted,"No,thank you,kind man.I know wicked persons occur only in small munbers.Go away now,please."And so he did.What would happen next time?Should I be always cautious of being deceived by strngers when I'm alone?