Environment Protection环保

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        We live in the world every day. We eat food, drink water, wear clothes, watch TV,

use computers and so on. We are producing waste every moment.Generally speaking, there are four sorts of waste. They are

material waste, organic waste, inorganic waste and poisonous & harmful waste. Now, we are going to talk about each sort of

waste one by one.Material waste: it means the waste of substance or things from which something else can be made. For

example, people throw away the used metal products and buy a new one, so the old metal waste accumulates. At last, they

become waste. For example, when people finish reading newspaper, the paper will become waste. When the glass is broken, it

also becomes waste. Nobody wants to use a broken window or drink with a broken glass or wear a pair of broken glasses. Once

it is broken, it becomes waste. The rate of using plastics is increasing day by day. People use plastic bags because they are

convenient. When they get home, they throw the plastics way, paying no attention to the environment. The more convenience

plastics brings to us, the more plastic waste is produced. This is called “white pollution” as most plastics are white.

Some of our products we use every day are made of rubber, just like the tyres and the bottom part of our shoes. It’s true

that rubber plays an important role in our life. However, it also brings us some trouble when it has been used for a long

time and becomes old. The old tyres become waste because it can’t break down by nature. This is really a big problem.

Organic waste: it refers to waste from living things, including waste from animals, plants and people. Some parts of

vegetables are thrown away as waste because they don’t taste good. In the past, people cooked their food using burning coal,

so there left the burned coal, which is useless, like the thrown vegetables. All this sorts of waste contain organism, so it

is called organic waste.Actually, we also have inorganic waste, the opposite to organic waste, including building waste,

broken pottery and china, and cinder.The last part is harmful and poisonous waste, such as used batteries, electrical

apparatus and medical supplies. Computers and TV sets are one part of electrical apparatus. You see, the old electrical

apparatus can set off some dangerous rays and make the soil harder, even damage the under ground water. Mobile phones are as

dangerous as computers and TV sets. As we know, X-rays can be used to examine patients, but the X-rays machines are dangerous

when they are thrown away without any treatment. They can’t be used to treat the sick, but they still can give off rays. For

the normal people, they can be dangerous. So, we must think about this problem. As waste has four sorts, we can sort them

into each sort that they belong to. It’s convenient to treat them after they are sorted. Then we can deal with them sort by

sort. We have thought out some methods like storing them in order to change them into plant food, or burning them in a huge

stove and use the heat to make electricity. For the first way, the change rate is much too low and it may pollute the under

ground water. For the second one, of course it’s wonderful if it’s easy to be tried out. But to build such a huge stove

will cost too much. Not a good method. Now you see, treating waste is not an easy job.