A Sea Shore Picnic海边野餐

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      After an hour's sailing,we reached our destination.We saw a range of shops and houses with one or two storeys by the sea shore.They were not newly built.We also saw quite a number of dead fish which were going to be dried in the sun distributed on the ground.We got to the beach.There were many fishermen's huts and little houses built on idsused sampans.

     We crossed the beach and went up the slopes.At last,we reached famous cave.Carrying ta torch,each of us was very excited.We carefully slipped into the dark cave one by one.It was very narrow and we found it difficult to walk through.We could not see anything but the cave.However,we ventured inside the cave.The opening was so small that we could hardly get through.

     Everyone was tired and hungry,so we went to eat all the food we brought with us.The food seemd to be more tasteful than usual.After that,some of my classmates went to fish and others went to travel round the island in a boat.We were not on our  way home until it was five o'clock in the afternoon,and the sun would set very soon.