Losing a Shoe in the City在城里丢失一只鞋

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    The funniest thing that happened to me was losing a shoe in the city.Last winter,my friends and I visited New York City.As we were going to do a lot of walking,we all decided to wear our most comfortable shoes.Unfortunately,mine were much too large.For example,everytime I walked,my feet left them.Well,just as we were crossing a street,I happened to trip over something.As a result,one of my shoes fell off and landed in a sewer opening under the street curb.As there was no way that we could retrieve my shoe,I had to hop along on one foot until we could find a shoe sore.Finally,after what seemed like an eternity,we found a shoe store where I purchased another pair of shoes.Fortunately for me,it hadn't been too cold out that day.