A Coincidence巧合

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     One day Mrs Jones goes to her usual place to practise golf.She likes the game,viewing it as a good way of losing weight.

     The place is open and empty with a huge tree standing on a low hill.Mrs Jones places a ball on the ground.Aiming at the tree,she waves a club and gives the ball a stroke.The ball shoots forward and hits right the tree.To Mrs Jones' surprise,the tree sways and falls down.She can hardly believe her eyes,wondering if the ball has hit the tree trunk so hard as to break it.Mrs Jones drags her clubs and runs towards where the tree stood.Out of breath,she gets over the hill and sees what has actually happened.Two workmen are trimming the tree trunk.It is they who have felled the tree with an axe.Mrs Jones stands there watching,wiping sweats on her face with her handkerchief.