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      My name is Wunai Tianshi .I was born in Xionghe Jingzhou on November 13th 1991 .I want to be a journelist when I leave school !I have many friends in my school such as Fan Di Tong xin and so on ...I also have many friends in Xiaohe such as Suisuiyangguang Liu Beibei Xiao Xiao and so on .There was many idea in my head I want to find you Do you think so?please write a lettler for me!!!


内容:我的名字是Wunai天狮。我在Xionghe荆州生于1991年11月13日。我想成为一名journelist当我离开学校!我如范迪通心等许多朋友在我的学校...我也有小河,如Suisuiyangguang刘背备肖等。目前在我脑子里,我要找到你,你认为这么多的想法很多朋友吗?请给我一个lettler !!!