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       Harry is my best friend.She is very active and cute.

     Harry is thin and tall.She has lond black hair and two big eyes.Is she beautiful?Harry is helpful.She often helps her mother do the cooking and wash the clothes.She can sweep the floor,make the bed,wash the fiowers and……

     Harry often goes to the library at weekends.She is a bookworm,she likes reading some story-books,newspapers,fiction and……      Harry is a good girl,she is my best friend.I can’t forget her!


内容:哈里是我最好的friend.She非常活跃,可爱。哈里是薄tall.She已伦德黑头发,两年来,她美丽的大eyes.Is?哈里是helpful.She常常帮助她的母亲做做饭,洗clothes.She可以扫地,铺床,洗fiowers哈里和... ...经常会在weekends.She库是一个书呆子,她喜欢读一些故事书,报纸,小说,... ...哈里是一个好姑娘,她是我最好的friend.I不会忘记她!