What is your opinion on children’s关于孩子,你的观点是什么

来源:互联网 时间:2016-12-29

    Nowadays, it is a commonplace that children own startle amount of pocket money. These new moneybags never earned one dollar but had glorious consumptive point of view. As far as I am concerned, we should decrease their pocket money. The reasons can be listed as following.

    First , money produce negative effect on children. As I can see, there are few children could make a correct decision on purchasing, especially as the sum of the money is affluent. They always use it in some harmful ways, such as trying to drink and smoke. It is danger both on their physical and mental aspects.

    Second, parents should change their way to express their love. In China, giving a little money to children is a traditional way to show the love of the adult. With the increasing amount of money that has be given , some children become a moneybags during one night. In this reason, changing the way to express our feeling is necessary. In order to reduce children’s money as well as the bad influence from money,….

    At last but not least, schools and our society would offer the kids an opportunity to earn money by their labor. The proverb goes : no pay no gain. The junior moneybags cannot image the difficulties to earn money if they never try.

    From what has been discussed above, we come to the conclusion that we cannot ignore the gradually increasing pocket money of children. Because money would bring  pernicious implication on children.