A Traffic Accident一个交通事故(二)

来源:互联网 时间:2016-12-29

         On Saturday evening last week,there was a traffic accident on a motorway in a suburb of Wuhan.

         It happened when a car and a truck collided.The former was speeding up the road,while the latter moved unsteadily,swerving left and right.The damage was serious.The car turned over broken on the one side of the road.The truck,with its windscreen broken into pieces,got a big dent.The car driver was thrown out,dropping heavily on the ground.He died in an ambulance when it was dashing to the hospital.The truck driver remained at the wheel and lost consciousness.His chest was hit terribly.A trikle of blood was running down from a cut on his face.

        The accident brought about a traffic jam.Automobiles of different kinds lined up in a long queue.A large crowd gathered around the spot,talking heatedly about how the accident occured and who should bear the blame.

        The accident resulted from the breaking of the traffic regulations.It turned out that the truck driver was a drunkard,and the car driver happened to be a person without licence.