My View on Super Girl我的观点关于超级女生

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    These two years,many high school students have been crazy about Super Girl,a hit talent show for girls broadcast by Hunan Satellite Television. It has attracted many people's attention,especially some teenagers and many people have different opinions on it.

    Some people think highly of this competition. They think that it provides a broad stage for young girls to show their talent for singing in public and also encourages them to realize their dreams.It can also develop their self-confidence and improve their sense of competition. But some people think Super Girl has a bad influence on young people's values and their taste in beauty. They think it costs lots of time and energy and makes many girls concentrate less on their studies,which isn't good for their further progress.



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My View on Super Girl

    There are two kinds of ideas about Super Girl which is held by Hunan Satellite Television. Some people think highly of the show, while others have different ideas about it.

    I like this show very much. And I think it is just a successful show, which has attracted lots of viewers' attention. What's more, I really appreciate the girls' courage and passion in realizing their dreams in the competition.

    When the show was being broadcast, I was busy with my lessons at school. In order to watch those games, I bought some CDs of the show and borrowed some from my friends after the competition finished. So when I was free, I could watch them at home without delaying my lessons. I suggest everyone should hold a right attitude towards it, then we can be inspired by their spirit and benefit a lot from it in the future.