Is Money the Most Important Thing in Life?金钱在生活中是最

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    Everyone knows how important money is in the world today. But what Qi Gong do with his hard-earned one and a half million yuan?

    Mr Qi Gong,aged 79,is a well known calligrapher(书法家)in China. He became famous the hard way. Born in a poor family,he did not have much schooling until his talent attracted the attention of Professor Chen Yuan, the president of Furen University. For years Professor Chen took him under his personal care and taught him literature and calligraphy. Professor Chen thought highly of Qi Gong and helped him to find jobs of teaching at several institutions.

    Years of hard work made Qi Gong an excellent teacher and outstanding calligrapher and painter. In memory of his teacher Professor Chen Yuan, Qi Gong decided in 1991 to set up a foundation to give awards. He worked hard day after day at his desk and produced more than 100 works of calligraphy,which he sold for 1,630,000 yuan. All his money went into the foundation which was named after his teacher. He did not leave a penny for himself.

    What do you think money means to Qi Gong?


    1. 概括短文内容,30词左右。

    2. 就"金钱是万能的吗?"这个主题发表你的看法,至少包括以下内容要点:





    As a famous calligrapher,Mr Qi Gong does with money in a very different way from others. He got rich by producing works of calligraphy. However, he didn't keep the money for himself but gave it to a foundation that he set up in memory of his teacher.

    Can money bring us happiness?There are different answers to this question. Some people believe that money is everything,with which they can get what they want. But some others argue that money is the roots of all evil. Many people commit crimes for it.

    In my opinion,the value of money depends on the way people get and spend it. We are proud of the money earned by hard labor and free to spend it the way we like. Besides,happiness lies in serving others. Only when we spend it in helping others can we feel truly happy,which exactly explain why Mr Qi Dong uses his money to help others.