What Would Happen If There Were&nbs

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 What Would Happen If There Were&nbs


        Ever since early this century, electricity has become an essential part of our modern life. It has hecome almost as necessary as water and air in modern society. Without it life would be unimaginably difficuh.    If there were no electric power, life would be hardly imagined. People couldn't use any electric devices such as refrigerator, air-conditioner, washing machine and microwave oven. Machines couldn't be run in the factory, surgical operations couldn't be performed in the hospital, and banking setvices couldn't be done in the hank. Besides, TV and broadcasting stations couldn't transmit signals, films couldn't be shown in cinemas, and many other entertainment services had to be closed.    Therefore, the authorities concerned should ensure electric supply IV all means. Besides, the government should attach importance to electric industry, developing atomic or hydraulic power stations to meet the increasing needs of the social development.


内容:会发生什么事,如果没有Power1。从本世纪初起,电就成为我们现代生活中必需的一部分了。2自从本世纪初。如果没有电力... ... 3。... ...因此,电力已成为是我们现代生活不可或缺的一部分。它hecome几乎像水和空气在现代社会中必要的。没有它的生活将是难以想像的difficuh。如果没有电力,生活会很难想象。人不能使用,如冰箱,空调,任何电子设备,洗衣机,微波炉。机器不能运行在工厂,外科手术不能执行,在医院,银行等setvices不能在汉克工作。此外,电视和广播电台不能传输信号,电影可能无法出现在戏院,和许多其他娱乐服务不得不关闭。因此,有关当局应确保电力供应四当局的一切手段。此外,政府应重视电力工业发展的原子或液压动力站,以满足社会发展日益增长的需求。