How to Reduce Stress-如何减少压力

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希望。[范文]             As the pace of modern life continues to

quicken, many people are in the habit of rushing through life. Some admit that stress seems to be on the increase all the

time. A certain degree of stress is beneficial to us, but too much stress is certainly harmful, and sometinles may even

harmful to our health and physique. So it is necessary to know how to reduce stress.

/>            There are many ways that can help us solve this problem, but

the following may be the most effective. First, learn to Collie to terms with yourselves. Don't set a goal that is too high

because there are many things in this world that are beyond your reach. Learn to be content to go as far as you can. Second,

learn to Collie to terms with the world around you. Don't try to change other people or other things. There are people and

things in this world that you can do nothing about. So learn to accept them. Third, don't be too interested in material

things and don't try to "keep up with the Joneses." Don't harbor any jealousy, vanity or resentment to others. Be satisfied

with what you have. Finally, keep in touch with your friends. Talk with them, share with them your happiness and misery. This

will help to make you feel better.             These are not

necessarily the only ways to solve the problem, and it is my hope that everyone can reduce the too much stress in his work

and study and live a relaxed happy life.如何减轻压力(如何减少压力)1。现代社会人们的压力与日俱增; 2。压力太大的危害; 3。减少压力的办法。[写作导航]首先陈述随着