NMET听力测试是否应该取消whether listening test in NMET shou

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The students of our school had a discussion about whether listening test in the National Matriculation English Test should be. kept or canceled. Some students think that listening test should not be canceled. They insist listening is among the four basic skills. We therefore can not ignore it. Besides, listening is one of the important channels for us to get information from the outside world. $o it should be strengthened today when international cooperation is becoming more and more frequent. But others don' t agree. They think not everyone has to communicate with foreigners in the future. Moreover, listening test is unfair to the students in the areas where radio signals cannot be picked up effectively. And for certain reasons, there is a big difference in teachers and equipment between the countryside and the city.     标题:是否在NMET听力测试寿      内容:是否在NMET听力测试应保持或取消对我们学校的学生进行了讨论,听取是否在全国高考英语测试检验应当。保留或取消。有些学生认为听力测试不应该被取消。他们坚持倾听是在四个基本技能。因此,我们不能忽略它。此外,听力是我们的重要渠道之一,从外部世界的信息。 $ ?应该加强国际合作的今天,是越来越频繁。但也有人别同意。他们认为,不是每个人都有沟通,在未来的外国人。此外,听力测试是不公平的,在所在地区的无线电信号不能有效地拿起学生。而对于某些原因,有一个教师与农村和城市的设备很大的不同。