On computers---Composition from mid-term在电脑上---组成中旬

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        On computers---Composition from mid-term exams Dear Editor,I’m writing to tell

you how we students use computers in our daily lives. Some use it in a good way, while some others don’t.So far as I am

concerned, more and more students now use computers to help with their study. If they meet some difficulties when they are

doing their homework, they always get help from the Internet. To spend their spare time, they look for more information with

the computers to have a better knowledge.At the same time, however, a great number of students are still so interested in PC

games and chatting with others on the Internet that they can’t force themselves to return to their study. They are really in

danger.That’s how we mainly use computers. It can either do good or harm to us.Best wishesYours trulyLi hua        的计算机上---从中期考试亲爱的编辑组成,我写信告诉






danger.That氏如何,我们主要使用的电脑。它既可以做好事或伤害us.Best wishesYours trulyLi华