To consume is to love our coun消费是为了爱我们的

来源:互联网 时间:2016-12-29

        陈俞鑫 高二(17)班Recently, the issue whether to consume is to love our country

has been brought into our focus. Some people suppose that to consume can advance Chinese economy. However, others hold an

opposite idea.Those who are in favor of the opinion that it is right to consume suggest consumption can contribute a lot to

the economy and society, such as offering more jobs to people. Now, China’s economy goes up by 8% on average every year

because of the development of consumer culture.Admittedly, those who are against the argument claim that it is a costly hobby

to consume, leading to waste of material and money. For example, the weight of the waste material has reached 2 billon tons

since 2000 all over the world. Owing to that, our natural environment will become even worse than that nowadays.All in all,

it is difficult to say whether to consume is to love our country or not. However I think we had better spend our money on the

things which are necessary.        陈俞鑫高二(17)班最近,这个问题是否消费,是热爱我们的国家