Should Students Do Some HousewoPk?-学生是否应该做家务

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           Should Students Do Some HousewoPk?(学生是否应做家务)1.有的家长认为学生应该做家务;2.有的家长认为学生不应该做家务;3





  Some parents think that it is necessary and sometimes important for students to do some housework. Housework is a

kind of physical exercise necessary for mental development. Other parents, however, think that it is study that is of extreme

importance to students. Priority shou[d first and foremost be given to study both at school and at home. Hence students

should be exempt from any tedious and time-consuming housework.

            I think students should share some housework with their

parents. The reasons are as follows. First, doing some housework can enable the students to have some sense of

responsibility. There is a lot of housework in each family. As a member of the family, each one should do his or her share.

Since a student is a member of the family, undoubtedly, he is of no exception. In the second place, doing some housework can

give the student opportunities to get to know his parents better. By doing housework, a student will know how hard it is for

his parents to go to work everyday while raising afamily. He will make even greater efforts in his study later on. Finally,

doing some housework can give the student a chance to do some physicalexercises. Since the student has to sit studying most

of the time, this is certainly beneficial to his health.


In light of the above, I strongly recommend that those who are not in the habit of doing housework start doing some right

now. Your parents will be pleased and you will learn something from it.

学生应做一些HousewoPk?(学生是否应做家务)1。有的家长认为学生应该做家务; 2。有的家长认为学生不应该做家务; 3。我的想法