Should Firecrackers Be Banned 是否鞭炮应被禁止

来源:互联网 时间:2016-12-29

           In some big cities, setting off firecrackers on the most important occasion--Spring Festival, once in a while was banned, while is permitted in 2008’ Spring Festival. However, there are some limits on it, including time limitation .Fore instance, Zero to seven o’clock am is permitted. Should Firecrackers Be Banned?People take different attitudes towards it.

           Some people think that setting off Firecrackers has some positive effects: Most important of all, it is the custom set by our ancestors. We should inherit it. Further more, it can also create the warm atmosphere of holidays, such as Spring Festival, wedding ceremony .no one wants to have silent holiday .Lastly, it can satisfy our eyes when the firecrackers rise into the sky, they make a beautiful scenes in the sky.

            On the contrary, some people believe setting off firecrackers should be banned. Not only it costs a lot of money, but more importantly, it brings us disasters sometimes. If you are not cautious enough or if the firecrackers are in bad quality, you will be hurt by them .It can also bring fires to human beings. Firecrackers are the most important factor that cause fires every year.

              As far as I’m concerned, I prefer the latter. For I have witness a curse of firecrackers. We can use other ways to create warm atmosphere—we can use balloons .If we banned it, we can save a lot of money either cost by medicine or by fires. We can relieve from pain caused by firecrackers .Based on these points I’m strongly for the latter.