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         One of the greatest things about nature is the variety of the seasons. Each season has its own beauty. What’s more, each contributes to an annual cycle of birth, death, and re-birth. Among of them: I like spring, a time when the frozen world would of winter is born again, begins the cycle.

         March has come after February .The sunlight becomes warm and the wind is soft. The frozen ground begins to melt and bulbs burned beneath the ground send up shoots through the softening earth. Soon flowers bloom, leaves grow on the trees again. The birds return from their winter homes in the south. They tell us that spring is here.

         But where exactly is spring? Green grass comes out of the soil to find spring. Bees are flying here and there to look for spring. Children run to gardens and try to incite spring to play together weth them. Oh, they are all looking for spring.

          Where is spring? In fact, spring is on children’ smiling faces and in their merry laughter. Or it can be said that spring is just drawn here by them. Spring is in our streets, in our courtyards, in the fields, and in the factories. It is brought here by the hard work of peasants and workers as well as by the power of nature. Spring is the worm sunlight, the soft wind, the happy birds, the green grass, the leaves of trees, the red flowers. Listen! Spring is walking right beside us.