Watching the Sunrise看日出

来源:互联网 时间:2016-12-29

    During last summer vacation, I paid a visit to my uncle’s. It was the first time I had seen the sea. Tow years ago my uncle, a closed friend of my father, transferred from Shanxi to Yantai, a beautiful port city; and then my aunt joined him a couple months later. And a year later I became their guest and was going to stay with them for a week. I was fascinated by the vastness of the sea, the clean and soft sand on the beach, the seagulls flying in the sky and the beauty of the golden sunset clouds over the dark blue water. But I missed the sunrise each day, for I couldn’t get up early enough.

    On the fifth day, the alarm clock woke me up when it was still dark outside, I hurried to the beach and stood in the cool breeze there, the sky was turning grey little by little, the sea was calm and all was so quiet that I felt I was surrounded by mysteries, then suddenly, in the faraway horizon, golden beans of light were shooting up into the sky. A moment later, a corner of the sun appeared. The sun was rising very slowly and reluctantly as if it was unwilling to leave the sea. At last the entire sun lay on the horizon, so big and so red, it looked like a huge ripe orange or a tender half-boiled yolk. It hesitated and shivered a moment, then said goodbye to the sea and rose into the air. The scene was very beautiful, touching and magnificent which I’ll never forget.