The Falling Snow下雪

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       When I got up at half past six this morning,the sky was covered with dark clouds.Then I heard someone shouting,"It is snowing!It is snowing!"I ran out to the doorway and saw snowflakes falling gently down in the air.I was excited,because I had never seen snow in my hometown in the south.This is the first snow in Beijing this year and also the first snow I have seen in my life.I think the other freshmen at our college who come from the south must experience the same excitement just as i do.

      After breakfast,the snow becomes heavier.Large flakes are flying in the air.They seem like countless white bees or small white flowers or weightless white feathers.Soon the world becomes a white one.Buildings,trees,the ground,lawns,cars,roads are all covered with white blankets of snow.The snow lends the world a particular kind of beauty.

       We make a giant snowman in the basketball court,singing,dancing,shouting around it for quite a while  until it is lunch time.

       We know the snow will benefit the wheat in the fields and do good to people's health,so we hope there will be more  snow this winter.