A Few Remarks on Myself讲一讲我自己

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      I should say the person I know most thoroughly is myself.Since I was born,I have never lost sight of myself for a single moment.So I always know what is in my mind,what I am going to do,what I enjoy and what I feel disgusted at.

      Now I am a girl of 19.I am not beautiful,yet I am not ugly.I study very hard,so I am now an outstanding college student,trying to be a qualified professional useful to the construction of our country.I like reading novels,listening to pop music and swimming in summer.I get along well with my classmates and I am always ready to help others.However,I am a timid girl,sometimes rather frail and weak.If I am offended or misunderstood,I often shed tears bitterly.And I tend to be jealous of those who make greater progress than I.

     I know that there is still a long,long way to go.I’ll do my best to cultivate my mind and character in order to win victories in the long struggle of study,work and life.