On the New Year's Eve新年前夜(四级作文)

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        It was half past six,high time for the New Year's Dinner.All the family gathered round the table,except for my mother who was still busy cooking.She had promised earlier there would be twenty dishes for the Dinner this year.At last she came out from the kitchen,glowing with delight."Let's begin!"said father,taking up his chopsticks.How delicious the dishes were!Everyone praised and thanked mother.

        After dinner,we were seated beforethe TV set.Jiang Kuan,the well known actor of comic dialogue,presided over tonight's TV promgramme,which was so exciting that each performance won warm applause from the audience.I especially appreciated the Chinese folk songs performed by overseas guests.

        The wall clock struck twelve.Immediately the deafening sound of firecrackers,with which people were greeting the arrival of the New Year,was heard everywhere.We wished each other a Happy New Year.