Buildings on Our Campus我们校园的建筑

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    Our college is an ordinary institution of higher learning.

    on our campus,there are no skyscrapers,no graceful and imposing buildings,and no strange houses.All the buildings are common,but they stand in special relationship to each other,making a nice learning atmosphere for us.The newest and perhaps largest building is the library.It stands in the middle of our campus.It is seven storeys high.With its bright,spacious reading rooms and all kinds of books,newspapers and magazines,it is the place where students like to go.The next largest building is the Chemistry Department.The rooms in it are filled with various apparatus.The buildings that the students and teachers live in are the apartment houses.

     Before long,new buildings will be added to our campus and some old ones will be pulled down.I think that our campus will become more and more beautiful.Then more and more young men will come and learn in it.