A Performance一个表演

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        On the eve of National Day,a performance was held in our auditorium.The stage was splendidly decorated.It was flooded with dazzling light with four red lanterns hanging from the ceiling.The performance covered singing,dancing,instrumental music and short plays.

       The first programme as a chorus.The curtain rose and the band began to play music.The chorus of the university sung two songs in prsise of our motherland.The singing was loud and majestic that the whole hall echoed.

       Next came a traditional Chinese dance.Six girls moved and spun gracefully on the stage,waving red ribbons.All the audience were carried away.

      With one item after another performed,the audience became more and more excited.Then a female solo pushed the performance to its climax.To the accompaniment of piano,she sang in her soprano voice.When she was over,a stormy applause broke out in the hall.The singer had to answer the curtain call several times.The wonderful performance lasted far into the night.