The Influence of Great Men伟大人物的影响

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     There has been many a great man in history,who influences the world and the people profoundly.There have been great politicians,strategists,economists,scientists,inventors,explorers,musicians,artists,playwrights,poets,novelists,and others.

     Their deeds,works and thought have strongly influenced the world as well as their own countries and given impetus to the progress of human history in politics,culture and economy.However,they are not gods but human beings.They also make mistakes and have their shortcomings.Some of them set examples to the following generations in nearly every aspect of their careers and life,while some of them are only admired in a few respects.Nevertheless,on the whole,they play an important part in history.

     The youth today should learn from them their virtue,fine quality,strong will or dedication,and should not regard them as idols.All the young people today ought to have high aims and lofty aspirations as those great men do,and make greater contributions to a brighter future f mankind.