What Are Your Wishes你们的理想是什么

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    We often ask each other such a question:"What are you going to be when you grow up?"

     Wang Ping is good at biology.He's going to be a doctor.Li Lin is going to be a scientist.He wants to make new things from coal and oil.Yang Lan likes singing.She is going to be a singer.Hu Ching loves airplanes.He says he is going to join the air force and become a pilot.Others in our class intend to be factory or farm workers.

     I am interested in education.I'm going to be a school teacher,like my father and mother.I want to teach my students everything I know,and help them to be perfect in knowledge."Of all treasure,"says an ancient saint,"knowledge is the most precious,for it can neither be stolen,given away,nor consumed."From the earliest times,the wisest of men have always paid great attention to the importance of education.