Why can’t we have nice things: a PHP RFC tracker

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Maxime Fabrehas created the best RFCtracker out there. I’ll probably use his trackermore than then the official pages.

The PHP internals need to be improved, it’s not new, I know it, you know it. Between the wiki, the dozens of mailing lists, the Github repository and so on, information is spread out across the web; difficult to access, to comprehend, and to participate in. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s an unwelcoming world to whomever might want to know more about advances in the PHP language.

This tool aims to simplify this by unifying sources of information under one roof, and answer all the questions people might have about the PHP internals.Who voted on what? Who even are the people voting? What did they also vote on? What comments were made on a particular RFC? And so on.