OnePlus One Cyanogen security update arriving by way of OTA

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A newCyanogenOS update is on its way to the OnePlus One, aimed at solving a few bugs along with fixingsecurity holes. If you haven’t received the OTA yet and want to get it as soon as possible, there’re manual updates available for the device.

The OTA zip file is a meager 18MB in size, however, some OnePlus One owners are saying that it’s failing for some reason. In that case, you can download and install the full 600MB ROM and Fastboot zip .

The update is surprising considering the current company relationships between OnePlus and Cyanogen. However, it’s nice to see that the users aren’t getting punished for the small feud between the two. OnePlus is still hard at work on its Oxygen OS for the OnePlus One, but it still isn’t ready for prime time just yet.

Has anyone gotten the update yet? Any noticeable changes?


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via: Android Police