Get 5 FREE courses on mobile app development for Android

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Curious about creating your own Android apps, but not ready to commit to spending a ton of cash to learn how to do it? We get it—that’s why we’ve put together five of our favorite courses for Android app development and made them completely free for a limited time. Get the Android Mobile Hacker Bundle at the BGR Store .

Normally selling for $126, these five free courses will teach you:

– The basics of HTML5

– How to use JavaScript to add dynamic elements to your app

– How to create professional-looking UIs using jQuery Mobile

– Where to source content for your apps

– How to publish your completed app

– How to use Corona SDK to create 2D games

– Configure your app for various screen resolutions

– Debug your app

…and more! You’ll get actual, hands-on experience as you build real apps throughout the courses. And not only are they free right now, you’ll get to hold on to all the course material forever, so you can refer back to it whenever you need to. Don’t miss this awesome deal—pick up the Android Mobile Hacker Bundle for free at the BGR Store .