The OS X Kernel is Open Source

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I think people either don't know this or forget about it, but the OS X kernel environment is open source, which obviously is the core of the iPhone OS as well. It doesn't include all of the stuff at the GUI layer, but there is a ton of code in there that is generally kept in sync with current consumer product releases.

In addition to being the core of OS X, Darwin itself is a free-standing open source operating system in the same sense that Linux or FreeBSD is. As far as I know, you can install X11 on it and run it as a standard UNIX OS with whatever window manager and desktop environment you like.The Darwin repository also hosts CoreFoundation lite, which has the source for a number of classes used in the C-based CoreFundation API that backs Cocoa's Foundation framework. If you want to see how the guts of NSString work, you can just look at CFString.c. In fact, there's a lot of interesting stuff in there even if you're not writing Cocoa apps. A free online ADC account is enough to get access.



我认为人要么不知道或忘记它,但OS X的内核环境是开源的,这显然是在iPhone OS的核心以及。它不包括所有在GUI层的东西,但有在那里的代码吨,一般是在目前的消费产品发布保持同步。

此外,达尔文本身的OS X的核心是一个独立的开源操作系统,Linux或FreeBSD是同样的意义。据我所知,你可以安装X11就可以和任何窗口管理器和桌面环境,你喜欢作为一个标准的UNIX操作系统上运行。

达尔文库也CoreFoundation LITE,它基于C CoreFundation背上Cocoa的基础框架的API中使用的类的源主机。如果你想看看NSString的工作胆量,你可以看看CFString.c。事实上,有很多有趣的东西在那里,即使你不写Cocoa程序。足以获得一个免费的在线ADC帐户。