Bootstrap Templates Added to Rails Composer

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Rails Composeris a quick way to build Rails starter applications.

Now I’ve released Rails Composer with a collection of Bootstrap page templates.

Give it a try! Generate a Rails application with Rails Composer and select Bootstrap as your front-end framework. You’ll get an option to install any of 23 different Bootstrap page templates.

Here’s how to run Rails Composer:

$ rails new myapp -m

For a quick demo, choose “Build a RailsApps example application.”

Build a starter application?1) Build a RailsApps example application...

Pick a starter application such as “rails-devise-roles.”

Choose a starter application....7) rails-devise-roles...

For a front-end framework, pick “Bootstrap 3.3.”

Front-end framework?...2) Bootstrap 3.3...

Select a few more options and soon you’ll see a list of 23 different Bootstrap page templates.

Add Bootstrap page templates? 1) None 2) 1 Col Portfolio 3) 2 Col Portfolio 4) 3 Col Portfolio 5) 4 Col Portfolio 6) Bare 7) Blog Home 8) Business Casual 9) Business Frontpage10) Clean Blog11) Full Width Pics12) Heroic Features13) Landing Page14) Modern Business15) One Page Wonder16) Portfolio Item17) Round About18) Shop Homepage19) Shop Item20) Simple Sidebar21) Small Business22) Stylish Portfolio23) The Big Picture24) Thumbnail Gallery

Try number 14, “Modern Business,” to see a truly impressive website. Most of the Bootstrap page templates are single page templates that replace the default starter application home page. But “Modern Business,” “Blog Home,” “Business Casual,” and “Clean Blog” contain multiple pages you can use for your web application.

If you’d like to see what all the templates look like, browse the Start Bootstrapwebsite for a gallery of Bootstrap themes & templates. You can use any of the templates for free under Apache License v2.0license terms. I asked David Miller, the creator of Start Bootstrap, if I could include the templates in Rails Composer and he encouraged me to do so. A big thanks to David Miller and his Start Bootstrap team for their generosity!

Everyone who contributed to the Kickstarter campaigndeserves big thanks, as well. It’s the people who purchase the Capstone Rails Tutorialsor who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign who keep the RailsApps project alive.

Please try the new feature and let me know if it needs improvement. You can open a GitHub issueand give me your feedback.