Introducing Our 2016 Scholarship Program for SQL Server Training

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You work with Microsoft SQL Server – maybe as a developer, report writer, analyst, sysadmin, or DBA.

You want to learn moreabout how to make it faster and more reliable.

But your companycan’t afford training. Maybe it’s a charitythat needs to save every dollar to make a difference in the lives of others. Or maybe it’s a non-profit arts foundation, ora small startup that’s barely making ends meet.

We want to hear from you. We’re going to pick 25 SQL Server professionals to get access to a tailored set of training classes that focus on issues relevant to each person’s pain points.

The fine print:

You must already have a job working with SQL Server. You must work for a foundation, non-profit, charity, or similar company that’s doing good work. It can totally be a for-profit company, just as long as they’re making a difference. (If you work for Ginormous Profitable Global Corporation, forget it.) Your company or government rules must allow you to receive free or discounted training. (Some companies prohibit their employees from accepting gifts.) You can be anywhere in the world. (Some of our scholarships will involve in-person training, and some will be online video training.) Apply now – applications close Friday, November 6th.