See you at the PASS Summit 2015 in Seattle!

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My employer Macaw gave me the opportunity to attend the SQL PASS Summit this year, so I am traveling to Seattle tomorrow! I’m excited to be there this year because there are so many new technologies being pushed in our direction like the Cortana Analytics suite and SQL Server 2016. At the moment I am already involved in some PoC/pilot projects for some of our customers regarding these new technologies, so I can apply my new knowledge in the field the moment I come back to Holland.

Regarding to the community, I’ll hope to meet some people I have been in contact with on internet for quite some time like some of the SQL Server MVPs, but of course it’s also a pleasure to meet some new people, so come to say “Hi” or send me message.

I created a twitter account today which I will use to share some knowledge during the PASS, so follow me right now. See you there!