SQL Server Reporting services: How to display “There are NO rows” message?

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You have a SQL Server reporting services (SSRS) report that has a table which displays some records — but sometimes it can have NO rows; In that case, how to display “There are No rows” message so that it doesn’t confuse the consumer.

Solution: Open the report in SQL Server Data Tools and go to the “design” tab of your SSRS report Select your table (do NOT select a cell inside a table. Make sure that the table is selected) While the “table” is selected, Go the Properties section OR you can use F4 Inside the Properties section, find “No Rows” section and you should see a NoRowsMessage property: Go to the preview tab to make sure it’s working and you should be ready to deploy the change!

That’s it! Hope that helps.

Official reference: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd220407.aspx

Author:Paras Doshi