No longer a SQL Server MVP - Read Carefully.

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As of October 1, 2015, I am no longer a Microsoft SQL Server MVP. Countless of my colleagues met the same fate, as the future of our SQL MVP award was in doubt. Where does that now leave us? Yes, it is true, we are no longer SQL Server MVPs. We are now Microsoft Data Platform MVPs. Say what? No one told me that this would happen.

Yep, you read right. It sounds like a mouthful, but that is the NEW designation for us MDP MVPs, formerly known as SQL MVPs, and is the future of data integration with Azure and other complimentary solutions and services at Microsoft. The title was just simply bestowed upon us traditional SQL Server types that, hey, you’re now a part of a bigger group. .

To understand this major shift, you first should be familiar with an overview of what the Microsoft Data Platform Overview is. We all know that Microsoft for some time has been repositioning its data platform as an end-to-end analytics business intelligence platform. These include a variety of solutions including SQL Server, Azure, Big Data, and BI predictive analytics. This push is the biggest integration of all these technologies and evolving at rapid speed. SQL Server 2016 has been released with new and improved features and functionality. Here is a great summary compilation of SQL2K16 NEW FEATURES by SQL…, er, Data Platform MVP, Warner Chaves

Here is a good graphic on all the components making up the End-To-End Analytic Platform Capabilities . Mixed with traditional BI, such as OLTP sources, data warehouse/ETL and OLAP cubes, Big Data gets integrated with additional real-time operational analytics. And guess what? All these cloud based services will fit into the bigger Azure picture with the upcoming Azure Data Lake, for big data analytic workloads , and Azure warehouse, data warehousing as a service. Can’t do much justice for these, other than to direct you to THIS MSDN BLOG .

So, what areas of expertise qualify you for a Data Platform MVP? This MVP Award Update page should explain it all. There are 14 areas of contribution now rolling up to the Data Platform MVP award. What does this mean for us? As one MVP noted, no more wars between DBAs and BI! I would not say this is a promotion, but a duty to rise to the challenge for new and exciting areas of the future of data at Microsoft. I better get up to speed here.

Although there is a lot of rapidly evolving technology around the Microsoft Data Platform, especially with Azure, I will still focus on my traditional SQL Server expertise, but definitely with a desire and purpose to learn all these new wonderful things! In fact, if you are SQL Server professional at any level, it would be a foolish calculation not to immerse yourself in BI and Azure. The cloud is the future!

Although, we may now officially be a Data Platform MVP, but I, as other MVP colleagues have noted, still consider ourselves SQL Server MVPs.