VSTA Script Editor Not Displaying in VS2015 / SSIS 2016

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I probably did something dumb to cause this, but on the off chance it’s not (just) me I thought I would blog about it.

I’ve been tinkering with SSIS 2016 in SQL Server 2016 CTP3 . I set up a VM running Windows Server 2012 and installed the CTP along with SQL Server Data Tools for Visual Studio 2015 (October release) .

After installing and configuring, I built an SSIS Catalog and poked around for changes (more on that in another post… or series of posts…). Then I began building SSIS packages to test stuff (see previous parenthetical comment). Except… I couldn’t get the VSTA code editor to open for my Script Tasks. It didn’t matter which language I chose, clicking the Edit Script button produced no code editor.


Someone’s probably found this and fixed it by now. But if they haven’t, and if you run into this issue, here’s how I resolved it:

1. I loaded the CTP3 iso file into the VM’s optical drive:

2. I browsed to the redist/VSTA/14.0 folder on the installation media and executed the vsta_setup.exe file:

3. When prompted, I selected the Repair button:

The application executed for about a minute and VOILA! My VSTA editors stated working:

w00t! Now, back to more testing…