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mTouchSlop = configuration.getScaledTouchSlop();


mMinimumVelocity = configuration.getScaledMinimumFlingVelocity();mMaximumVelocity = configuration.getScaledMaximumFlingVelocity();


mOverscrollDistance = configuration.getScaledOverscrollDistance();


mOverflingDistance = configuration.getScaledOverflingDistance();


mDeceleration = computeDeceleration(ViewConfiguration.getScrollFriction());


/** * 包含了方法和标准的常量用来设置UI的超时、大小和距离 */ public class ViewConfiguration {// 设定水平滚动条的宽度和垂直滚动条的高度,单位是像素pxprivate static final int SCROLL_BAR_SIZE = 10;//定义滚动条逐渐消失的时间,单位是毫秒private static final int SCROLL_BAR_FADE_DURATION = 250;// 默认的滚动条多少秒之后消失,单位是毫秒private static final int SCROLL_BAR_DEFAULT_DELAY = 300;// 定义边缘地方褪色的长度private static final int FADING_EDGE_LENGTH = 12;//定义子控件按下状态的持续事件private static final int PRESSED_STATE_DURATION = 125;//定义一个按下状态转变成长按状态的转变时间private static final int LONG_PRESS_TIMEOUT = 500;//定义用户在按住适当按钮,弹出全局的对话框的持续时间private static final int GLOBAL_ACTIONS_KEY_TIMEOUT = 500;//定义一个touch事件中是点击事件还是一个滑动事件所需的时间,如果用户在这个时间之内滑动,那么就认为是一个点击事件private static final int TAP_TIMEOUT = 115;/** * Defines the duration in milliseconds we will wait to see if a touch event * is a jump tap. If the user does not complete the jump tap within this interval, it is * considered to be a tap. *///定义一个touch事件时候是一个点击事件。如果用户在这个时间内没有完成这个点击,那么就认为是一个点击事件private static final int JUMP_TAP_TIMEOUT = 500;//定义双击事件的间隔时间private static final int DOUBLE_TAP_TIMEOUT = 300;//定义一个缩放控制反馈到用户界面的时间private static final int ZOOM_CONTROLS_TIMEOUT = 3000;/** * Inset in pixels to look for touchable content when the user touches the edge of the screen */private static final int EDGE_SLOP = 12;/** * Distance a touch can wander before we think the user is scrolling in pixels */private static final int TOUCH_SLOP = 16;/** * Distance a touch can wander before we think the user is attempting a paged scroll * (in dips) */private static final int PAGING_TOUCH_SLOP = TOUCH_SLOP * 2;/** * Distance between the first touch and second touch to still be considered a double tap */private static final int DOUBLE_TAP_SLOP = 100;/** * Distance a touch needs to be outside of a window's bounds for it to * count as outside for purposes of dismissing the window. */private static final int WINDOW_TOUCH_SLOP = 16; //用来初始化fling的最小速度,单位是每秒多少像素private static final int MINIMUM_FLING_VELOCITY = 50;//用来初始化fling的最大速度,单位是每秒多少像素private static final int MAXIMUM_FLING_VELOCITY = 4000;//视图绘图缓存的最大尺寸,以字节表示。在ARGB888格式下,这个尺寸应至少等于屏幕的大小@Deprecatedprivate static final int MAXIMUM_DRAWING_CACHE_SIZE = 320 * 480 * 4; // HVGA screen, ARGB8888//flings和scrolls摩擦力度大小的系数private static float SCROLL_FRICTION = 0.015f;/** * Max distance to over scroll for edge effects */private static final int OVERSCROLL_DISTANCE = 0;/** * Max distance to over fling for edge effects */private static final int OVERFLING_DISTANCE = 4; }