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/****scanf.c - read formatted data from stdin** Copyright (c) 1985-1997, Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.**Purpose:* defines scanf() - reads formatted data from stdin********************************************************************************/#include <cruntime.h>#include <stdio.h>#include <dbgint.h>#include <stdarg.h>#include <file2.h>#include <internal.h>#include <mtdll.h>/****int scanf(format, ...) - read formatted data from stdin**Purpose:* Reads formatted data from stdin into arguments. _input does the real* work here.**Entry:* char *format - format string* followed by list of pointers to storage for the data read. The number* and type are controlled by the format string.**Exit:* returns number of fields read and assigned**Exceptions:********************************************************************************/int __cdecl scanf ( const char *format, ... )/* * stdin 'SCAN', 'F'ormatted */{ int retval; va_list arglist; va_start(arglist, format); _ASSERTE(format != NULL); _lock_str2(0, stdin); retval = (_input(stdin,format,arglist)); _unlock_str2(0, stdin); return(retval);}