Send Email as TNEF, Save Contacts from Gmail Client in MSG & VCF Format

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An anonymous reader writes"We are pleased to announce the release ofAspose.Email for.NET 4.8.0. This month's release comes with a number of enhancements and bug fixes that bring more stability to the API functionality. Improvements include saving message to HTML, a feature for saving generic contacts, sending messages as TNEF, and support for additional MAPI properties. This month's release provides the capability to send an email in Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF). This helps preserve the message contents that may get disturbed during transmission otherwise. The SmtpClient's UseTnef property can be set to true for all such TNEF emails before they are sent. This month's release provides support for some additional MAPI properties. This month's release introduces more generic classes for saving email messages to different output formats. These include SaveOptions, EmlSaveOptions, MsgSaveOptions and MhtSaveOptions. Each of these classes provide additional options for converting messages to other formats with specific requirements. This month's release provides the capability to save contacts, retrieved from a Gmail client, in MSG as well as VCF format. This can be achieved by calling the Contact class' Save method. The API's ExchangeQueryBuilder allows you to retrieve emails from a Microsoft Exchange mailbox with specified criteria. This month's release further strengthens this functionality by specifically searching for emails between date ranges. We have also fixed a number of bugs in this month's release which further improves the overall API functionality. These include encoding issues while conversion of messages to other formats, changes in appointment time during MSG to MHTML conversion, additional contents rendering when converting a message to MHTML and several others. The main bug fixes, new & improved features added in this release are listed below

  • Provision of Saving a Message as HTML to Stream with Resources
  • Provision of additional properties in MapiTask from Office 365 (.NET)
  • Provide more flexible implementation of Properties
  • Provision of Saving/Loading Contact
  • Retrieve the mail category while fetching message from exchange
  • Support for setting MapiProperty PT_MV_SHORT, PT_MV_SYSTIME, PT_MV_BOOLEAN and PT_MV_BINARY
  • Create class to keep additional settings for saving MailMessage
  • EML->EML: Aspose.Email removes the Multipart/mixed content type
  • Exception while adding recipient to MapiRecipientCollection
  • MailQuery.InternalDate.Before not working
  • MSG to MHTML: Appointment time changes
  • ExchangeClient: 412 Precondition Failed error
  • MapiContactPhoto not present if PST is imported in Outlook
  • Inline image lost while conversion from EML->EML without using FileCompatibilityMode.PreserveTnefAttachments
  • Images lost if TNEF email is sent
  • Text attachment contents rendered in the MSG->MHTML file (.NET)
  • Task Request Issue in TNEF Eml

Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release."