windows core 文件生成

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先确保执行这个. win7 以上才支持 WER windows error report 功能 .

windows 弹出提示框, 然后进程管理器,右键手工导出也行.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/Windows Error Reporting/LocalDumps]

c++ debug版本 + pdb文件


windows 改了注册表不生成core的原因:

Requirements and limitations

· Debugging dump files of optimized code can be confusing. For example, compiler inlining of functions can result in unexpected call stacks and other optimizations might change the lifetime of variables.

· Dump files from 64-bit machines must be debugged on an instance of Visual Studio that is running on a 64-bit computer.

· In versions of Visual Studio before VS 2013, dumps of 32-bit apps that were run on 64-bit machines that were collected by some tools (such as Task Manager and 64-bit WinDbg) could not be opened in Visual Studio. This limitation has been removed in VS 2013.

· Visual Studio can debug dump files of native apps from ARM devices. Visual Studio can also debug apps dump files of managed apps from ARM devices, but only in the native debugger.

· To debugkernel-modedump files in Visual Studio 2013, download theWindows 8.1 Version of Debugging Tools for Windows. SeeKernel Debugging in Visual Studio.

· Visual Studio can't debug dump files saved in the older dump format known as afull user-mode dump. Note that a full user-mode dump is not the same a dump with heap.

· To debug with theSOS.dll (SOS Debugging Extension)in Visual Studio, you must install the Debugging Tools for Windows that is part of the Windows Driver Kit (WDK). SeeWindows 8.1 Preview: Download kits, bits, and tools.


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