Training Courses – More Details

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Last week I mentioned the public training courses that I’ll be running in London next February. A couple of people got in touch and asked if I had more details of the contents of the courses. That makes sense of course, I don’t expect people to pay £300 for a days training without knowing a bit about the syllabus.

So here are details of the first two courses (the Moose one and the DBIx::Class one). I hope to have details of the others available by next weekend.

Object Oriented Programming with Perl and Moose Introduction to Object Oriented programming Overview of Moose Object Attributes Subclasses Object construction Data types Delegation Roles Meta-programming Further information Database Programming with Perl and DBIx::Class Brief introduction to relational databases Introduction to databases and Perl DBI ORM Schema Classes Basic DB operations CRUD Advanced queries Ordering, joining, grouping Extending DBIC Further information

If you have any further questions, please either ask them in the comments or email me (I’m dave at this domain).

And if I’ve sold you on the idea of these courses, the booking page is now open.

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