The Perl SIG's mail

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As you may not know, I'm a member of Fedora's Perl SIG, the group of people who maintain the Perl ecosystem by providing timely reviews, acting as package co-maintainers and assisting with related security issues.

As it turns, the SIG watches over a lot of packages, over 2600 of them. As you can imagine, this generates a lot of mail, an amount that increases as time goes on and more perl modules are added to the distribution. And this doesn't even take into account mass rebuilds or the fact that all perl modules are rebuilt when a new version of perl is added to rawhide. Over the month of June (when we updated perl to 5.22.x and then rebuilt everything for GCC 5, we got 8000+ emails sent to the list).

Needless to say, it's easy to lose track of information when you're bombarded with this amount of mail. To help cope, I now split the mail received from the perl-devel mailing list into several folders:

pkgdb mail is sent to its own folder bug mail is sent to its own folder mail about broken dependencies also has its own folder mail about git commits have their own folder mail about orphaned packages is sent to its own folder everything else perl-devel-related is sent to one folder

At one point, git commits and tarball uploads were separated in different folders but the number of uploads were small enough that I put the two together.

Since I use procmail to filter my incoming mail, here's the relevant stanza in my .procmailrc:

:0:* ^List-Id: Fedora perl development team* ^X-Fedmsg-Topic:* ^List-Id: Fedora perl development team* ^X-Bugzilla-Reason: CCmailing-lists/fedora-perl-devel-bugs:0:* ^List-Id: Fedora perl development team* ^Subject: Broken dependencies:mailing-lists/fedora-perl-devel-deps:0:* ^List-Id: Fedora perl development team* ^X-Fedmsg-Topic:* ^List-Id: Fedora perl development team* ^Subject: Orphaned Packagesmailing-lists/fedora-perl-devel-orphan:0:* ^List-Id: Fedora perl development teammailing-lists/fedora-perl-devel