One more month in the 2015 CPAN PR Challenge

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So far 487 people have signed up for the 2015 CPAN Pull Request Challenge. Each month participants (who have just joined or completed the previous month) get a semi-randomly assigned distribution, and have one month to submit a pull request.

A lot of those 487 never did a PR, or did one and then dropped out. But plenty have stuck with it, and 56 perl hackers have had a November assignment so far. There are stragglers spread through the year as well, determined to submit a damn PR for the distribution they were assigned.

We're hoping to end on a bang: so far more than 30 past participants (who had submitted at least one PR) have rejoined just for December. Back in January I told RJBS that I hoped 100 people would do a PR in December. He said that'll never happen. Help me prove him wrong!

It's not too late to join, and just do one last PR in December: send email to me (neil at bowers dot com) with your github username and your PAUSE id if you have one. I'm giving a talk on the PRC at the London Perl Workshop, and it would be great if we could pass 500 sign-ups by then...