Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: November 16th-22nd

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Hey everyone,

Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week. Enjoy!

November 16th-22nd

This week I've separated all the proposed patches for issues under a different title: Proposed patches. This is because they do not exactly fit under Updates(which I wish to reserve for news) or under Discussion(since I wish to reserve this for conversations that take place).

I hope this works better.

Feedback is always welcome. :)


Perl 5.23.5 isnow available, thanks to Abigail!

Two additional reports from Tony Cook, availablehere andhere. In total for both reports, Tony has spent about 37 hours, worked on or reviewed 24 tickets, and applied 5 patches.

Karen Etheridge provided a patched (which was merged since) to clean up the verbosity of some tests due to passing TODO tests in Module::Metadata.

Bugs Reported bugs

Perl #126667, reported by Dan Collins, a fuzzer-found assertion failure, triggered by the code:


Peter Gordon hadreported an issue with IO::Select.

Perl #126676, repoted by Todd Rinaldo, mentions a curious case of file handle closing, /shift, and - as Dave Mitchell expanded on - anything (such as open()) that attempts to instantiate an anonymous value into a ref to a typeglob.

Perl #126697, reported by Lukas Mai, mentions that localis not working as expected in embedded code in regexes.

Resolved bugs Perl #116677: B::Deparsefails on readline ${"a"}. Perl #123946: Assert in //p^ /. Perl #124280: "Parenthesis missing around mylist" shouldn't trigger for globs. Perl #126193: Assertion failed: Perl_sv_2iv_flags. Perl #126258: grepand maplead to Perl_op_freeassertion failure. Perl #126602: Double free and segfault. Perl #126611: File::Find's finddies when an empty directory list is supplied. Perl #126637: Bleadperl breaks Data::Rmap. Proposed patches

Regarding possible unintended mix of POD and code, Aaron Crane provides apatch to add a warning for such cases.

Ed Avis providedpatches for rewording of lookaheadvs. look-aheadto be consistent.

Tony Cook provided a patch to resolvePerl #126635.

Bulk88 provided additional patches forparallelness and running all Makefile.PLs in 1 process (here andhere).


Yves Orton has beeninvestigating an issue with Serealhandling undefSVs from threads::safe. Dave Mitchell chipped in with details about PVLVtypes.

Karl Williamsonfound a reported problem with an AIX test to likely be a stack overflow problem.

Todd Rinaldo updates that - given a recent commiton B::C, he sees no reason to keep B::Sectionin the core. This is part ofPerl #126244.

Christian Hansenprovided patches to make UTF-X validation about 50% - 300% faster.

Karl Williamsonadds more light to the conversation on bitwise string operators.

A long conversation inPerl #124349. took place on arguments to the hostnamefunction call to Sys::Hostname, whether to croakor warn, and at some point, whether to make any change at all.

Ricardo Signes mentions that basehas tests which fail on perl 5.6. Ricardosuggests dropping support for 5.6 and require perl 5.8 moving forward.